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Mad’s Journey to a Mazatlan-ready Bod
February 6th, 2012 | Permanent Link


It’s been quite a while since I was posting regularly. And so the longer I went without making a post, the more (imaginary) pressure I felt to have the comeback post be something spectacular, and there hasn’t been anything particularly spectacular happening in my fitnasty world. Until!…

Colin and I attended a charity auction for FSH research, had too many glasses of complimentary champagne, and participated in a bidding war on a 7-day trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Time to stop drinking champagne and start getting SHREDDED! Oh yay-yer!

And since I will be taking all the necessary fitnasty steps to get to my most shredded bod, I thought: what a perfect time to share my journey with you! Pre-vacation shreds are also the best to share because I’ll be using a realistic time frame: 2 months.

So if you still have a little bit of sugar cookie remnants hanging around in your fat deposits, now is a perfect time to start shedding your winter layers in time with the coming of spring. Because there’s nothing quite like feeling your best as the Seattle sun comes out from hibernation.

Check back with the Fitnasty Blog for a different step or tip every day to help you along your journey–I’ll aim to fill up a whole month with nutrition tips, workouts and other ways to get crazy shredded.

Although I began my Mazatlan Shred a couple of weeks ago, I’ll start this blog series with the first steps I took. And the best part of me getting a head start on you? Those first few steps have already made a significant and noticeable difference in my physique! Yay:)

As you’re following along, keep in mind that every body is different, and some of the steps and tricks I use and find to yield the best results may not wow you as much as they wowed me. But everything I share with you will be based on several years of experience, experiments and lots of industry-based knowledge, so as long as you stay focused, positive and consistent, you WILL come out of this journey feeling and looking better and hotter than when you started. It all depends on your level of commitment and your resolve to sticking to it!

…sooooo you’re probably not going to like the first step. But this is not only the most important step, but it’s also the one that (for most people) will yield guaranteed results in a relatively short amount of time. So keep that in mind and tell yourself to suck it up:

  • STEP ONE: Quit drinking. You don’t have to like, quit drinking forever, but the longer you can go without ingesting alcohol (yes, that includes wine with dinner), the more time you’ll be giving your body to put fat-burning at the top of its priority list. If you’ve just got to go out and have a cocktail, get a vodka- or gin-and-soda with several limes. These have virtually no sugar apart from the alcohol, and will be strong enough-tasting that you probably aren’t in danger of sucking it down. And then, you can order soda water with lime for the rest of the evening to keep people from giving you shit about not drinking! All in all, try to keep adult beverage intake to once a week, max.

Wait! One more thing, and this is important. Check out this blog post I wrote last year about weight loss and alcohol. It breaks down what exactly happens in your body when you drink and is highly likely to give you an “aha!” moment of motivational zen. Just do it!!

See you tomorrow!


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