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Ready to lose weight with me? Let’s get to SLEEP!
February 7th, 2012 | Permanent Link

As a CRAZY busy person, this is one of the most difficult of my own suggestions to follow. But it does make a big difference in the way your body functions, and while you’re on track for weight loss, you want to make sure all your body’s functions are running as smoothly as possible.

Keep in mind that thousands of years of evolution have trained our bodies to put survival at the tops of their priorities lists, and what’s one of the most important things your body has to stock up on if it’s to survive? Fat! So if you’re running your body ragged, it will tweak and change several things going on in your body to protect you from what it feels is looming danger–though that looming danger maaaay just be an overdue deadline.

Here are a couple things that happen when you’re not getting enough sleep:

  1. Increased fat storage: sleep loss interferes with your how your body metabolizes carbohydrates, which increases your blood sugar levels. This causes your insulin production to go on overdrive, causing storage of your body fat.
  2. Fake hunger pangs: sleep loss affects your cortisol levels–the hormone that regulates your apetite. Sleep-deprived, you may think you’re hungry when you’ve had plenty to eat. (Check out this Livestrong article about sleep and weight loss!)

Rhythm Nation
Another thing that Madelyn’s World of Sleep dreads is the sound of my alarm clock. That greedy little bastard is always stealing precious sleep from me. But it’s odd: on the weekends, I’ll usually wake up pretty close to the same time, but as long as I wake up on my own, I feel much more refreshed.

Do you ever feel like your morning alarm clock is digging you out of the deepest possible sleep? That’s because, like my weekly alarm clock usually does, you’re being waken up in the middle of a sleep cycle–your alarm is a jarring gong interrupting your body’s natural rhythm.

Enter the most AWESOME website I’ve found this year:, the “Bedtime Calculator”! Simply enter one of two pieces of information: 1) what time you have to wake up, and it will calculate (based on human sleeping rhythms/cycles) what time you should hit the sack, or 2) if you’re going to bed right now, it will calculate what time you should set your alarm clock so as not to interrupt a deep sleep.

Who knew one of my steps to getting crazy-shredded would be so pleasant?? Time for a nap!

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