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Mad’s Fitnasty Journey: interval training
February 14th, 2012 | Permanent Link

Colin and I have been cleaning up our diets, avoiding alcohol, and getting crazy shredded in anticipation of our vacation to Mexico this spring. We’re gonna be a couple of hot and sexy kids just like we were for our first trip to Mexico together, just before we started officially dating—cute!

One of the most important ingredients to the recipe for the fitnastiest me is cardio. Cardio, cardio, CARDIO. And not just any cardio, but tough stuff. I’m talking about interval training.

Interval training is a style of exercise that involves periods of high intensity work followed by periods of lower intensity work. Traditionally, the high intensity parts are shorter bursts at all-out physical exertion and the lower intensity phases are lower than your average capacity and may even involve a complete rest.

But fitnasty interval training takes this and flips it on its head: if you’re interested in getting crazy fit like me at the moment, your periods of high intensity are long and grueling, and your lower intensity periods are short and sweet. But it all evens out time-wise, and interval training packs a serious punch in a short amount of time no matter which way you do it. What does that mean? It means that to do a sesh of cardio intervals doesn’t take much time, so there are NO EXCUSES not to do them. :)

Because doing intervals is so intense, you not only burn a ton of calories while you’re exercising, but you go on to burn much more after your workout is over. Whaaat?! That’s awesome! This is called the “afterburn effect,” and it is your B to the F to the F when you’re trying to lose body fat.

How I got my fitnastiness on today:
I warmed up by jogging from my house on the southern edge of Capitol Hill to the Convention Center downtown to say hello to my lovely sisters at The Juicy Cafe, then did an about-face and began my ascent back up the hill by nearly sprinting up Pine Street. I ran all-out as fast as my little leggies would take me for one block at a time, and then either walked or lightly jogged to cross each street. The effect: crazily delicious burning in my quads and the feeling that my heart was going to pound its way out of my chest at any moment. Ohhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahh.

2 Responses to “Mad’s Fitnasty Journey: interval training”
  1. Leah:

    Too funny that you just posted this. I am literally on my way out the door now to do an interval run! :) I.heart.intervals AND healthy feet to do them with!

  2. madelyn:

    Ha ha, oh that’s funny! Great minds think alike babe :)

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