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FREE Spring Boot Camp Kick-off!
March 19th, 2013 | Permanent Link

Oh. Em. Gee. It’s TIME you guys! It’s time to get our behinds out in the fresh air and sunshine in Volunteer Park and work it on out. It’s time for Fitness Fiesta 2013. It’s time to kick off outdoor boot camps!

Mark your calendars: this year’s free Outdoor Boot Camp Kick-off will be at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 27. Bring your friends, bring your mom, bring your boyfriend! Bring that guy you always thought was really cute at the gym so you can show him what a bad-ass you are at push-ups!

And, of course, what naturally follows every year’s Outdoor Boot Camp Kick-off? Why, more Boot Camp, of course! I’m only going to do one weekly class to start, but if you guys bring enough noise to class maybe I can add another. :) So, following the Kick-off, you can look forward to getting funky with me in the park every Saturday from 10:00-11:00 am. Oh yayer!

You must R.S.V.P. y’all. Send me an email to or make a comment on the MadAbs Facebook page or email me through the Facebook machine. And for class, be sure to bring water (staying hydrated is sexy!) and an old yoga mat or towel if you want it for core work in the grass. (I don’t usually use one, but whatever tickles your pickle) And if you bring a yoga mat, be sure to bring one you don’t mind getting dirty. Oh, and if somebody could arrange for it not to rain, that’d be fantastic as well. But! In the off-chance that is does indeed rain (but it won’t, of course, right?), we will freaking TOTALLY still work out. Why? Because we’re bad-asses of course! Aaaaaaand there’s always the water tower, which you all just love with all your hearts.

Yay! I can’t wait! See you oh-so-very soon.

Madelyn xo

15 Responses to “FREE Spring Boot Camp Kick-off!”
  1. I am going to bring friends. I’ll email with a head count

  2. madelyn:

    Awesome!!! Thanks for the RSVP love. So excited to have you in class! Maybe we should force Lindsay to join in:)

  3. Margaret:

    Yay! I’m in. :)

  4. madelyn:

    Yay! I’ve got you down girl.

  5. Santhoshi Jagadeeshan:

    Hi, I will be attending with my husband.

  6. madelyn:

    Awesome! I’ve got you two down.

  7. Jessica:

    It’s on my calendar! And I’m trying to convince my boyfriend as well…

  8. Jessica:

    And he said yes, so that’s two for me!

  9. madelyn:


  10. Alicia:

    Count me in for the kick off and for Saturdays! Hooray!

  11. madelyn:

    OMGYAY!! Alicia, I’m SO excited to see you in class! Are you bringing anyone? And do you know if Larissa is coming? -Madelyn xo

  12. Lila:


    I will be attending along with Rick, and possibly 2 more.

  13. Anne Baker:

    I’ll come!

  14. madelyn:

    Yippee! I’ve got you down girl! -Madelyn xo

  15. Leah:

    so there!!!

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