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Workout Quickie #1
March 22nd, 2013 | Permanent Link


Guess what. You need to get another workout in during the week. And I know that because (for the most part), we could all stand a nudge to be a little more physically active in general, and most of us could always use a little more core work. Granted there are some of you who are like exercise-freaks-of-nature who don’t necessarily need another workout, but in the cases of exercise-freaks-of-nature, I’d be willing to bet that despite not needing another workout, you are probably crazy enough to actually want to do another workout during the week. So I’ll post one a week for a few weeks, at least until boot camps start anyway. If you guys like ‘em, and need them to be a more permanent part of your life, I’ll keep dishing ‘em out!

Workout Quickie #1: pushing group
Your “pushing group” muscles are, obviously, the  muscles that work together to make pushing movements. Like a push-up for instance. These are mainly your shoulders, chest, triceps in your upper body and your quads in your lower body. 

  1. 15 clean to split-jerks, light to moderate weight (Watch this video [26 seconds] for a demo. In this video, the clean to split-jerk is the SECOND exercise demonstrated. If you’re not familiar with any part of this exercise, be sure to do light weight, and dumbbells are easier to work with when you’re still learning.) 
  2. 20-30 thrusters with light to moderate weight (If you’re advanced and/or would like this workout to be more cardio-intensive, do 30.) (Also, this is a good demo video. They use a barbell, but dumbbells can be used as well.)
  3. 20 overhead triceps extensions, light weight, performed as quickly as possible while still maintaining good form
  4. 20 triceps dips (do this immediately following the overhead extensions. if you let yourself recover for more than 15 seconds, you’re losing precious overlap)
  5. 10-15 push-ups (if you’re advanced, do dive-bomb push-ups or half-crow push-ups)
  6. Do as many rounds of all five exercises as you can in 20 minutes. And as most of you who work with me know, halfsies don’t count! So if you’re approaching the 20 minute mark and you’re only half-way through a round of all five exercises, freaking finish the damn round. :)

Want a little  bonus core action? Give me 50 sit-ups, soldier!

Have fun, hooray!

Madelyn :)


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