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Workout Quickie #2: “The Productive Hat Workout”
April 10th, 2013 | Permanent Link

My life is a bit on the chaotic side. I have a full-time job as a reporter, plus I have a few personal training clients and keep up with teaching classes for MadAbs Fitness, Bungie and the Seattle Athletic Club, and, of course, I keep up with getting super fitnasty myself on as regular a basis as I can. And when I’m a good girl and get it all done, I get to go play with my friends! :)

So in order to get it all in so I can go play, I have a little timer system. I’ll set my timer for 20 or 30-minute increments and work on a different category of my life during each one. Keep in mind this may not work well for everyone or all the time for those who do like it, but I love it. This keeps fresh eyes for every task or project, which is especially helpful as a writer. Also, I really like the fact that it keeps me moving right along because I know that time’s a-tickin’!

During the first 20-minute increment, I put on my writing hat and get to work on my day-job stuff. If I don’t get the whole task done in the 20 minutes but come close, then I’ll keep working past the bell and finish it up. If I’m about half-way through completing the task at hand, then I’ll find a stopping point where I can come back later, reset my timer and move on. Then I’ll set a timer for work on client folders or blog posts, or I’ll pay bills or catch up on emails and calls to family members or whatever.

After completing two or three 20-minute increments of being productive as all get-out,¬†it’s time to find a mindless job around the house that needs doing–like folding laundry or washing dishes–and I’ll intersperse this with a quickie workout. Aaaand here’s where I reveal my neurosis regarding time management: I’ll keep my 20 minute timer going (I happen to use my iPhone timer for this), then I’ll set an additional timer on my watch for 3-minute intervals. For three minutes at a time I’ll work on my mindless task, then a little mini-workout that takes just about 3 minutes. I don’t run the 3-minute timer while I’m doing the mini-workout, though. I just get it done as fast as I can, then once it’s complete, I’ll start the 3-minute timer again and get back to laundry. It goes off, I do my little fitness fiesta as fast as I can, reset the timer…you get the idea. Here’s one I did the other night!

Workout Quickie #2 (The Mini!): focus on bicep/tricep

  1. Arnold 21′s, 10-lb. dumbbells (This is a tri-set of hammer curls, each done IMMEDIATELY after the other: set #1 is seven reps of the bottom half of a hammer curl, set #2 is seven reps of the top half of a hammer curl, and set #3 is seven reps of the full range-of-motion hammer curl. This was, of course, created by and graciously given to us by former Governator¬†Schwarzenegger!)
  2. 10 squats w/ a concentration curl followed by 5 standing concentration curls, 10-lb. dumbbells (concentration curls are biceps curls with your palms facing away from you)
  3. 10 overhead triceps extensions, I used both 10-lb. dumbbell together to save time, but you could totes use one 20-lb. dumbbell. Alternatively, you could use lighter weight and do more reps.
  4. 10 triceps kickbacks, 10-lb. dumbbells. Again, you could use lighter weight and do more reps.
  5. 20 Abmat sit-ups (If you don’t have an Abmat, replicate the movement in the linked video, but add this in: with arms fully extended, reach back and touch the floor behind you before you sit up, using the momentum of swinging your arms to do so. This allows you to go quickly, plus it uses your lats, a.k.a. large back muscles!)

Woot woot! Have fun guys. Be productive: work hard and play hard!

Madelyn :)

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